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Introduction I became aware of my purpose in life when was about seven. I was (am) a pretty good listener and could see the essence of people when they opened up to reveal their inner truths, their deepest fears, their pain and joy. It seemed to me that I was good at seeing the gifts people had, filtering through the muck and holding up the mirror to the divine within all things. Not to say that you have to be perfect to do all this. Actually, I start with myself. I first have to see the divine in me, sort through the muck, look in the mirror, love myself, forgive myself, encourage myself and then enjoy the ride...Even take the ride with my hands in the air, screaming, with bugs in my teeth and an upset stomach afterwards. My work is all about this. I use things like gemstones and oils and candles and art to reach you. Want to know more? Go to my site or Facebook, and "like" Candle of the Moon. ~ Shelley