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Industry Religion
Location K-Town, Utah, Afghanistan
Interests Scrapbooking, Creating, Card Making, Photography(getting pretty dang good I might add), Kids, Being a big part of my Nieces and Nephews lives, volunteering, The Hills, ANTM-don't know what I am saying then you aren't a true fan!, Organizing and Diet Coke.
Favorite Movies Fav Movie-"Cider House Rules" But not much of a movie watcher. At theaters I can't seem to bring my laundry, crafting, or 'What to do list' with me. So don't go all that much. And at home, I have a significant other(Name not mentioned to protect their privacy) who makes fun of me on how I can't just 'sit and watch'.(Gees, I feel like I am quoting him.) And how I feel 'I need to be doing a million other things'.(Once again, is there a Echo??) But....TV SHOWS, I have quite the list! The Hills(as I have listed a few other times), America's Next Top Model, Arrested Development(not on anymore-so sad! But enjoy the 3 seasons on DVD), Burn Notice, The Office, Firefly(another amazing show not on anymore! 'OH MAL' I love you!), Mad Men, Scrubs, The Soup, Gossip Girl(there I'll admit it)So sad...I know.
Favorite Music Where do I begin?? Green Day(is a all time fav! Thx to 'E' for my first CD which was 'Dookie')(And I just realized what that title meant), Paramore, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Coheen & Cambria, Face to Face, AFI, Rise Against, Strung Out, Chemical Brothers. And really, this list could go on and on. And I know what your thinking, what great educational music me be jammin' too. No worries, the kids don't listen to it. They have their DVD player.