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Gender MALE
Location United States
Introduction I've had two careers, first in engineering and second as a high school science and math teacher. I have a life-long interest in philosophy and the many spiritualities in our world. I have always believed in a perfect, infinitely-knowing God. Many of the traditional explanations of Bible stories challenge the idea of Divine perfection, Divine omniscience, or both. I have long felt the Bible has been taught incorrectly by Christian institutions. While studying for my Master's degree, I read Anne Conway's Kabbalist-inspired 17th century treatise. I found my personal heretical beliefs were not new to the world. Reading her work was like reading my own mind. Last year, I chanced upon english translations of some Books of Kabbala, and experienced the same feeling of immediate familiarity. I have shared my ideas with several people over the past 10 years, and have recieved highly positive responses. Some have said I should write a book! In retirement, I wish to share my views with all who seek a relatively concrete alternative approach to scriptural understanding, beginning with this Blog.
Interests Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Spirituality, Philosophy, Cosmology
Favorite Books God is a Verb, King James Bible, Zohar, Book of Concealed Mystery, Kabbala Revealed, Gospel of Mary Magdelane, Gospel of Thomas, Secret Book of John, Gospel of Judas, Anne Conway's "Principles", (and many more)

Do you have the incessant feeling that something is wrong with the way the Bible is traditionally taught?