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Location Soon arriving in Key Biscayne, Florida, United States
Introduction I am a 17 year old fruit eating dancer. I have just started my journey on the 80/10/10 lifestyle, and i just cant wait to see where i end up. I am moving soon to Key Biscayne FL, and i think it will be the best thing to happen to me yet. I love rock climbing, running, dancing, sunbathing, making friends with outrageous bugs, writing, people who inspire greatly, willow trees, thunderstorms, tropical fruits, music that portrays inner thoughts and feelings, and i could go on but that would take the fun out of learning who i am. :) Though, even i am still learning who i am, i tend to change every day, but always for the better. Maybe when i'm finally 100 ill know all of who i am. But even still, theres always something i havent learned.