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Gender MALE
Location Los Angeles, Ca, United States
Introduction My name is Roy... and I’M NOBODY. I’m just an innocent soul seeking fulfillment. Like you, I’m just a by-product of my environment and circumstance. Even tho we may have different ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. Even tho we may be different physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually. Even tho we may have different desires, ambitions, and accomplishments. Even tho we have different virtues and vices of our own. Even tho we may have different definitions of love, happiness, and gratification. Even tho we may have different versions of truth, perception, and deceit. YOU ARE NOBODY JUST LIKE ME. But just maybe... if we could be idealist, visionaries, and philosophers. If we could share the same lucid dream of compassion, understanding, and harmony. Then just maybe... WE COULD BE SOMEBODY TOGETHER.