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Introduction I love painting – it's a compulsion. Why do I feel compelled to paint? I don't know. I'm an English guy living in France – nothing unusual in that - half of England's now living in France! Painters I like (who knows why? - they touch me): Michel De Gallard, Jean-Claude Quilici, JoLoMo, Klasen...(!) DONALD JURNEY Favourite blogs/sites: Handprint (blog and site), Gurney Journey, Stapleton Kearns, Suncage, Jurick, Marc Delassio.
Favorite Movies My blog is the 'The Road to Tarascon' (after the Van Gogh painting – which isn't especially good - the idea being that Van Gogh felt compelled to paint) and it will be a synthesis of the instructional ideas I've gleaned through surfing (the Americans, in particular, are so incredibly generous with their knowledge), reading, etc. Personally, I think that, the successors to Rembrandt and Monet are more likely to be Spielberg, Jackson. People talk about painting compared to the still camera – these eternal instants, but, it's the movie camera that's...