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Gender Male
Location Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Oh, hello there :) I'm a 39 year old geek from England and I like lots of stuff including retro video games, movies, astronomy, sci-fi, and anime, and this is the place where I will blabber on about them! At the very least, it will give me an excuse to look at things I haven't gotten around to yet. Hope you like reading! :)
Interests Retro Games, Movies, Anime, Music, Astronomy, Science, Sport, Reading, ...
Favorite Movies Those of, Wes Anderson, Tarantino, Zhang Yimou, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Coen Brothers, Studio Ghibli, . Also love, The Station Agent, A Knight's Tale, Lord of the Rings, Dave, Garden State, Whip It, Avatar, Contact, Star Wars, Goodfellas, Gladiator, Matrix, . Could go on for a while. Watch a lot of TV shows and anime on DVD too such as, Friends, The Shield, 24, My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, Mahoromatic, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ah My Goddess, Great Teacher Onizuka, Iria, Planetes, Kashimashi, Fruits Basket, many others...
Favorite Music Mostly listen to movie, anime, and videogame soundtracks. Also love, They Might Be Giants, Dressy Bessy, KT Tunstall, Kylie, Pete Droge, ...
Favorite Books Those of, Louise Wener, Douglas Adams, Robert Rankin, ... Also love, Lord of the Rings, and various odd character-based stories :)