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Introduction was born in 1965 and, from an early age, demonstrated a strong interest in chemistry and improving the quality of patients' lives through the discovery of new medicines. Having received his BS from UC Berkeley and his PhD from MIT, Dr. Levy pursued treatments for inflammation, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. He held positions at Glycomed, COR Therapeutics and Scios and is now the director of synthetic chemistry at Intradigm. He also founded DEL Biopharma – a biotechnology consulting firm. In 1995, Dr. Levy coauthored with Dr. Cho Tang "The Chemistry of C-Glycosides" and later collaborated with Dr. Peter Fugedi in the development of short courses covering aspects of organic and carbohydrate chemistry. In 2005, Dr. Levy coedited with Dr. Fugedi "The Organic Chemistry of Sugars." Through his studies, Dr. Levy noticed that many organic chemistry students rely on memorization of the vast number of reactions taught in introductory courses. This observation motivated him to write "Arrow Pushing in Organic Chemisty: An Easy Approach to Understanding Reaction Mechanisms" – a book designed to teach strategies to minimize memorization and increase understanding.