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Introduction Joman Romero López was born in the province of Huelva, Spain. Since very young, he is fascinated by nature and share with her many moments of solitude during his childhood. In his teens and, as a result of having learned to listen to the elder people of his environment, he feels the motivation to investigate and deepen the own feelings, trying to understand the origin of some traumas suffered in childhood. He learns to become aware of the importance of thoughts and feelings in the human life, and especially their direct influence in the field of health and disease. With the knowledge of well-known Eastern and Western "masters", he discovers a new vision that allows you to integrate the three dimensions of human existence (physical, emotional and spiritual) in a theoretical and practical way. He studied Psychology and Philosophy. He specialized in Psychodecoding (psychological methodology that combines the Transpersonal Psychology and the Biodecodification therapies) and Behaviour Structure (vital task of the Soul). He studied and practiced meditation (mindfulness) and healing arts. His desire is that this book becomes a search of adventure, self-knowledge and self-realization.