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Introduction I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) and Large Animal Massage Practitioner (LAMP) in Washington State. I work mostly with horses and this blog is a place to talk about what I'm working on, interesting things I'm learning in the field, along with articles and videos by other professionals who inspire me.
Interests Classical Dressage, Reining, Eventing, Racing, Gaming, Trail Riding, Show Jumping, Barrel Racing, Mounted Shooting
Favorite Movies Buck - a documentary about Buck Brannaman; If Horses Could Speak - How Incorrect Modern Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health: Anatomy in Motion; the Visible Horse -
Favorite Books The Faraway Horses - Buck Brannaman, How to Think Like a Horse - Cherry Hill, Evidence Based Horsemanship - Stephen Peters & Martin Black, How Your Horse Moves - Gillian Higgins