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Introduction I am Susan K and spent 15 years in the business & academic community, hold a M.S. degree and have had a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. For the majority of my life I kept relatively quiet about my extraordinary experiences as I was working to try to better understand these abilities and figure out what it meant to me as a member of society at this point in time. I now understand the experiences and the visions I have had all point in the same direction and that is helping mankind evolve and the planet heal. I can no longer keep quiet about this information as the planet continues to deteriorate, man tries to control man, children starve to death, wars are fought for money and power, technology is created without consciousness and the traditional confines of religion and government restrict people from living freely. I believe we have an opportunity to experience a quantum leap in our human evolution. The times we are living in right now are pivotal to a critical mass wake up in consciousness or a downward spiral. Every human being on this planet, the care, awareness and emotion we hold is vital to this transition. Nov 2009