About me

Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction I'm 32 years old. I live in a suburb of Atlanta. My goal is to live in NYC one day. I have been fascinated with NYC since I was a little kid. One of the best days of my life was on May 19,2007 when I met Anderson Cooper at the Atlanta book signing. He's just such a nice and kind and genuine person and I can't say enough good things about him. On June 06th 2012 I met Andy Cohen at his Atlanta book signing. He's super nice and very funny.
Interests The Doors, Jim Morrison, The X-Files, Simon and Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel, Anderson Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Movies Goodfellas, The Aviator
Favorite Music The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel, Savage Garden, Matchbox Twenty
Favorite Books Until We Meet again, The Lords and The New Creatures, Diary of Anne Frank, Dispatches From the Edge, Most Talkative Stories From the Front lines of Pop Culture

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

I suppose a fish might want to bike to his friend's house.