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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Visual Storyteller & Communications Strategist
Introduction From capturing the cultural survival of some of the most ancient peoples on the planet to creating savvy strategies to get stories out there, Caroline uses photography and multimedia to shed light on social justice, cultural and environmental threats and survival, and the human condition. She seeks to empower actors working for the common good beyond providing access to high-impact visual storytelling by providing inventive communication strategies and a practical sphere for implementing interactive advocacy journalism that elevates awareness and inspires action. Caroline made her first camera out of a shoebox when she was six and continued chasing light into a professional career in Latin America and around the globe. She has won several awards for her work on a variety of projects for local and international NGOs, the United Nations, The New York Times, Independent World Report, Miami Herald, GlobalPost, Sveriges Natur, Mother Jones and The Wall Street Journal, and many others. She is currently based between San Francisco and the Amazon region.