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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Corp Decker (ie Technician)
Location Norman, Oklahoma, United States
Introduction A 24 year old fart. I Drix, am a large white male with a affinity for beauty and life, but a tendancy tward the destructive and violent... just like you. >:)
Interests Faith, religion, Politics, Gaming, Paintball, Shadowrun, Computing, Hacking, Decking, Writing, Reading, Fulminating, etc.
Favorite Movies Boondock Saints, 12 Angry Men, Star Wars, Star Trek (the undiscovered country), The Last Samurai (old and new versions), Montey Python and the Holy Grail, oh goodness this list is too long to get into really.
Favorite Music Eclectic mix of just about everything.
Favorite Books Broadsword (Holy Bible - varrious translations), The X-Quadrent Chronicles, Yet another long list I won't get into.

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

You know... using Hallucinogens (yes I had to look up the spelling!) will do that to you.