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Occupation agro-ecologist
Location Sebastopol, California
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Introduction I'm a socio-economic drop-out. I want to connect with others that are trying to revolutionize economics and politics towards something of greater kindness and forethought. I want to exist in some context but not the mainstream. So then I start to wonder if the economic system we live in is something we need to feel connected to in order to feel good in life. What if there's a whole bunch of people that go around thinking: hey, that's not my street, not my mall, not my car, my birthday card, not my restaurant, and this is not my home; this house is a product of developers and speculators based on a 1.8 child / family +- 1 member at 90% confidence interval and the return rate on this clump of drywall and Douglas fir is optimal for this area. and the bank will own this house and just rent me the money to buy it. so it's not my house in any way. and that's not my job! it's just what I do to be able to afford this place that's not my house. I push papers to facilitate sales of an unknown product or service, to an unknown customer in a system that is smarter and more evil than the sum of its parts.
Interests trust-based economics, low-impact lifestyle, sustainable living through intentional communities, dumpster diving, developmental psychology, junk, permaculture, children, beauty, kindness, utilitarianism, the possibility of peace, the scientific study of self and meaning.