Amy Enloe

About me

Introduction If you have access to this blog you already know 'about me'. I am not describing basic info (who is in my family, where I live or what my vocation is, etc.) or even myself further, sorry. But, please note what I said in my very first post - those whom I grant access are some of my most trusted friends and family. Please respect that this space is my 'safe' space, where I can express myself fully - good, bad, ugly, whatever. These are my thoughts, opinions and experiences in real life, not just the happy pretty things. This is a place where I can say what I want and as much as I want (I am a great rambler of too much information). I don't really care if anyone reads this, it is mostly just a journal like forum for me. But sometimes it is nice/easier to direct it to an audience. So enjoy keeping up with me/us as I document our little adventures.