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Introduction I am an incurable optimist waiting to get around to being a procrastinator. I am a tone deaf shower singer and I dance only when no one is watching (but only to live concert tracks so that I may imagine my adoring fans cheering after each performance). I am a wife and the birth-mother to an amazing girl who had the privilege of having her perfect parents hand picked just for her. I like to think of myself as world traveled but really I just move a lot. I grew up in San Diego but consider myself from Portlandia (yes it really is that weird) and have also resided in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Florida (and like to believe that that time in Arizona was just a bad dream). I am a serial cat owner and I think all dogs should be called Buster. I would like to write a novel based on my life but I haven't figured out how it ends yet. I'm a Yoga Teachin' Massage Therapist and former self detrimenting fitness junkie. I am a sun worshiping pagan and I pray to the full moon. I have a reputation for adventure but would secretly rather sit on the couch with my husband and watch Jeopardy.