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Location Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Introduction [ [ ♥ ] ] Mirrors rule me. Make-up and clothes are my favorite things. My looks are my best friend. Is that vain? Yes. Extremely. Unfortunately, that's just how I am. Vainity. It's my dirtiest of secrets. I try and hide it from everyone. I judge everyone by their looks, bodies, and clothes. Mainly bodies. There are so many types of bodies out there...but there's only one type of body worth having. Thin.
Interests ahimsa, ANTM, ana, blonde, being blonde, being skinny, being small, being tan, being thin, clothes, fashion, flexibility, kindbud, marijuana, mia, models, pot, pro ana, pro mia, sex, skinniness, stretching my mind and body to its limits, stunting, swimsuits, tanning, thinness, thinspo, thinspiration, weed, hooping