About me

Location Australia
Introduction Hi everyone! My name is Manuela... I am Italian mom of 2 and live in Sydney, Australia. I was born and brought up in Milan, Italy by Sicilian parents. I grew up in an artistic family: my father, aunts and grandfather are/were all painters/artists. Besides my artistic side, I also inherited the love for travelling and experiencing other cultures from my parents, with whom I have travelled extensively since birth. As an adult, I am still discovering the world! Also my passion for cooking runs in the family. Many of my recipes have been passed down from generations. I love all kinds of food! I obviously specialise in Italian cuisine, but you will also find "non-Italian" recipes here. One of my aims in writing this blog in English is to spread the concepts of authentic home made Italian cuisine in the world. In all my travels, and more so now that I live in Australia, I have always been amazed by the "distortions" in many Italian dishes. So, if you are interested in "the real thing", this is the place to be!