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Introduction Hello. My name is PepiSmartDog. I crossed OTRB on September 15th, 2009. I meet Pals at The Rainbow Bridge and together we ride in my Pram / Stroller to that Pals Welcome Banquet. Everyone gets a custom made Gold Helmet to wear as we travel ! (pity about the “helmet hair” when we take our helmets off later on ! BOL ! ) This blog is written to be positive and happy. We will have some somber moments, but you will be swept up again by giggle factors. OTRB we only have happy memories. Each day we go to the “Waving Cloud”, to wave hello to our families. Remember to look up and watch for us. Whenever you see stars flickering = it’s US ! The bright lights are from our big smiles ! We know it is very hard on our families when we cross OTRB, but time and space don't change anything, as we wait for our Staff to arrive, and we are all together again. If you are feeling sad and in need of a 'pick me up', be sure to visit us here !