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Gender MALE
Industry Transportation
Occupation Truck Driver
Location Dark side of the sun, India
Introduction Have you ever stopped to stare at roadside flowers? Run around on dewy grass on early spring mornings? Enjoyed the musty smell of frayed pages of old books? Smiled back at strangers? Ever felt like walking back home in the rain? Stopped whatever you were doing to listen to your favourite song on the radio? Ever strained your ears to hear silence? Become teary eyed during mushy scenes in movies? Ever called up long lost friends for no apparent reason? Wanted to believe in something that cannot be explained? Ever loved? Been loved? ever lain spread eagled on the terrace, counting the wishes amidst the phosphorescent sea of a million stars overhead, wondering whether yours was somewhere among those waves too? See, I told you…you know me…
Interests Napping, eating, laughing, running around for nothing like the guy in GTA VC does, taking a bath everyday, having icecream while getting drenched in the rain, long drives, watching people's expressions when they are stuck in a traffic jam, catching flies with chop-sticks, long & undisturbed phone calls(especially the ones during which you laugh your head off!), telling ghost stories to gullible friends, making people realise their moral underdevelopment, making fun of people I like ON their face, playing football in the mud, singing out of tune, teaching world domination to giraffes, taking midnight walks, smiling to myself, walking absent-mindedly and hitting against pillars/walls/closed doors, random scribblings on coffee beans & dry flowers...
Favorite Movies Naming some of my favourite directors instead. Wong Kar-wai, Christopher Nolan, Sidney Lumet, David Fincher, Gasper Noe, Brian De Palma, William Oliver Stone, Bryan Singer, Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Scorsese, Coen bros, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Kurosawa and Gus Van Sant.
Favorite Music Western & Indian Classical, Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock & Roll, My neighbour singing in the bathroom...
Favorite Books I write under the pen name of Ayn Rand. I don't make sense most of the times. Naming some of the authors that I like and can recall right now(in no particular order): Arthur Conan Doyle, Tolstoy, Saki, O.Henry, Guy de Maupassant, Jules Verne, H.G Wells, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, P.G. Wodehouse, Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, Enid Blyton, John Grisham, Richard Bach, Jeffrey Archer, Jhumpa Lahiri, Ayn Rand, Khaled Hosseini, Mitch Albom, Ludlum, Forsyth, Ken Follett, Dan Brown, James Hadley Chase, Wilbur Smith, Crichton, Erich Segal, Tagore, Salinger(Catcher in the rye), Thomas Hardy, Harper Lee(To kill a mockingbird), Tolkien, Stephen King, Mario Puzo, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Linda Goodman, Alvin Toffler, Jack Welch, Philip Kotler, Edward de Bono, Joseph Heller, Peter Drucker, Sun Tzu, Spencer Johnson, Stephen Kovey, Jacob Bronowski. I also like Calvin & Hobbes, Archies, MAD magazine, Asterix and Tintin.