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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Teacher
Location United States
Introduction Swirling gases surround the molten forms, moving through and around them, seeking escape. The tumbling trapped gases enter forcefully, slowing to ignite and escape the oxygen deprived atmosphere. Fire and air combine to birth new formations of stone from ancient eroded particles. These open forms with clean lines and complex glazing are indicative of my work. Stoneware and Porcelain, once great rock formations now decomposed, are reborn into functional wares. Lao Tsu says, "Shape clay into a vessel. It is the space inside that makes it useful. Cut doors and windows for a room. It is the holes which make it useful. Therefore profit comes from what is there. Usefulness from what is not there." The truth lies within our selves, within our art, inside our bodily vessels. We look inside to discover our true nature. When we bring forth our emptiness and make it useful, we share our souls in the everyday.