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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation percussionist
Location London, UK
Introduction I know its an original idea to have a blog rotating around the things that one is inspired about and likes. Well. maybe not so original... not even my blog title is original... ! None the less I think It’s a fun thing to do and here goes, im giving it a shot!Im ruairi and im a percussionist, foodie, student at the Royal College of Music. Give me a drum or something and im a happy camper :-) Give me a concert to go to and Im a doubly happy camper :- I also love food and whilst im a mediocre cook at best, I exercise my oven/grill/hob at least once a day like every good oven owner should. I also eat everyday ( like most do) and I’m a little bit obsessed, but hopefully not in a weird or scary way!!… with food that is…!!! Maybe you might see some recipe on my blog and say something along the lines of, ooh, that looks nice and if this goose/sham can make it happen, so can I. I’m all about empowering readers!
Interests music, food, percussion, horses, dogs, animals, Ipod, people, bikram yoga, opera, running, laughing, three day eventing, travel, writing, eating, marimba, New York, percussion, timpani, asian food, teaching, bodhran, folk music, dressage, congas, orchestra, London, Stuttgart, Ireland