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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Grad School Monkey
Location Boulder, CO, United States
Introduction Most likely an elaborate simulacra of a real homo sapien.
Interests abandoned mental institutions, adventuring, aeon flux, attack hugs, b-fest, bad idea big mistake, bananaphone, barry ween, basement shows, boy meets world, breathing, catastrophic anti-wave, coffee stouts, counting deer, daffodils, daleks, dance punk, dave grohl, david bowie's package, denver roller dolls, dinosaurs, doctor who, dystopian societal culture, ecological consumerism, edward r. murrow, exterminate daffodils, f. paul wilson, gallivanting, getting mail, glacial caves, good idea bad idea, haunted houses, history, house on the rock, iguanas, indoor gardening, inflatable goldfish tanks, isaac asimov, jerry uelsmann, jupiter vs matrioshka brains, kaiju big battel, kay hanley, kidd video, live music, lost, loud music, mike rowe, milwaukee, my secret identity, my spleen being intact, new media, nintendo, noise, noise rock, old gameshows, paper shredders, patton oswalt, pbrprpsclcs, pet semetary, postcards, raptor jesus, reading, red dwarf, road trips, roadside attractions, rock paper scissors, roller coasters, roller derby, rps, scott pilgrim, shirley manson, sketch comedy troupes, sodium consumption, spider jerusalem, steve albini, the franklin institute, the maxx, the outer limits, the state, the uncanny valley, touring, trend watching, underestimating mere humans, understanding mere humans, vaccu-seal, vectorscopes, wawa, west filthadelphia, wisconsin
Favorite Movies Cabin Fever, Videodrome, Session 9, Josie and the Pussycats, Session 9
Favorite Music Brainaic, For Squirrels, Ifihadahifi, Holy Fuck!, Replicator, Man... or Astroman, The Flaming Lips, The Weakerthans, thepaperchase
Favorite Books the phantom tollbooth, jonathan livingston lseagull