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Location Peoria, Arizona, United States
Introduction A designer at heart with the hopes and dreams to help the world live happier, heather, and enjoy there life more just because I stopped to listen to there needs. Although the world may have different needs than me, I will pursue greater happiness for all and allow the individual to be part of society even if their ideas of life do not mesh with what I think society is. I hope to bring classes together and allow them to communicate more equally and bring new order to this thing we call society. You may think I am a dreamer. But dreams can create reality as long as people pursue what is in their hearts, and this is in the deepest part of mine. My motivation is an inner drive that seems to excel at almost everything I put my mind to and once I have decided to do something it takes a lot to change my mind. I am strong for others because I have always been a support system for those closest to me and as god as my witness I would give my life to make things better for one person. I am always looking around to better understand the world around us and to have better knowledge to help people live their life’s the way that they always dreamed about.