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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation 2d/3d artist
Location GARDEN GROVE, CA, United States
Introduction Hello! I'm Steve.Im an Art Institute alumni I live in Tustin, CA But I commute to North Hollywood everyday and I work on 2-D and 3D environments for games.
Interests I like to do a lot of things, but not really, Movies, music, hangouts, get togethers. The beach drawing, digital painting, freshair food, new people, taking pictures, collecting, aim, money, working, walking, running, jamming, relaxing, texting, driving.. pretty much anything as long as I get up and stretch my legs from painting all day. Im not much of a party person anyways but I do enjoy a club every once in a while
Favorite Movies 300 Star wars: A new hope The Empire Strikes back Return of the Jedi the phantom Manace Attack of the clones clone wars, LOTR 1&;2 Alien 1, 2, 3, 4 Predator, 1&;2 28 days later, 28 weeks later, Gladiator, Most marvel films, Saving Private Ryan, Armageddon, Transformers, zoolander, castaway, Batman Begins, Bourne Trilogy, Dumb and dumber, MIB, the burbs, the terminal, Minority Report, Independence Day, Twins, cloverfield, John Rambo, Alien vs Predator requiem, I am legend, Transformers, Beerfest, the lion king, horton hears a who, most james bond movies, the whole 9 yards, ghostbusters 1&;2, Constantine, the punisher, Signs, Dawn of the Dead, godzilla 98, the day after tomorrow, lost in space, the professional, behind enemy lines, trading places, the fugitive, what dreams may come, die hard, die hard Die Harder, die hard with a vengeance, Live free or Die Hard, Vanilla sky, Hellboy, war of the worlds, Troy, Anger Management, chronicle's of Riddick, King kong, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost ark, Temple of Doom, last crusade crystal skull... still pending
Favorite Music Sigur Ros ( ) ágætis byrjun von von brigði hlemmur svefn-g-englar englar alheimsins Angels of the Universe System of a Down SLIPKNOT Atari's Fall out boys Incubus Jet One republic Jimmy eat world Sigur Ros Explosions in the Sky Lenny Kravitz Massive Attack Death Cab for Cutie Thrice Amon Tobin LOTR soundtrack Serj Tankian Snow Patrol Switchfoot The Smashing Pumpkins The Wallflowers Tyler Bates (300) Aphex Twin Bjork Bob Marley Boards of Canada Bryan Tyler (AVP-R) Coldplay Collide David Arnold (Independence Day) Finch Foo Fighters Fort Minor James Newton Howard John Frizzel (Alien Resurrection) Howard shore ( LOTR) John Mayer John Williams (Star Wars) Kevin Riepl (Gears of War) Mark Isham Papa Roach Mu'm Seabear MIA Hammock Kwoon
Favorite Books Mostly books with pictures, like the art of... or Spectrum collections.

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