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Gender MALE
Occupation Retired
Location Bozeman, MT, United States
Introduction I had things I wanted to say and became tired of trying to force fit views by commenting on other people's blogs, so I started this enterprise. Contact me at Your comments are welcome. If they are relevant, and when negative, stick to sticking it to only to public figures and don't defame or invade anyone's privacy. I'll publish them. Extended stories about life and family history are especially fun to write. We have the great fortune to have had many relatives who had prominent civic, professional, and/or political lives, which yields many thousands of references memorialized in press clippings and otherwise. I have received plenty of help from relatives who choose to remain unnamed. Those stories garner high readership. They are tagged with "Bathgate." I would say my politics are libertarian leaning. I seldom vote for Democrats, and usually don't vote for Republicans -- I have been known to get writer's cramp in the voting booth. Please do read and enjoy.
Interests Golf, Swimming, Skiing, Family, Family, Family, Investing, Politics
Favorite Movies Caddyshack, Fargo, ET, Miracle on 34th Street.
Favorite Books Undaunted Courage, The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The Jungle, Capitalism and Freedom, The Grapes of Wrath, 1984, all of Clancy's Jack Ryan Books, Catton's Civil War series, Foote's Civil War series.The Monetary History of the United States (Friedman and Friedman), Structure of Scientific Reovlutions (Kuhn), 1984, The Jungle, Black Like Me