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Gender MALE
Occupation Retired aspiring author
Location SOFIA
Introduction Descendant of a Prussian adventurer and hunter, Ian Kluckow was born in the British colony of Southern Rhodesia in 1943. He was educated at Prince Edward School. As a reluctant participant in Rhodesia’s entire twelve year bush war, first as a soldier and a final spell as a pilot, his greatest regret was not speaking out sufficiently on his grave misgivings on fighting the communist backed insurgents.His immature ideas of an early sharing of the country with the native inhabitants were premature and would have been ridiculed by the white establishment. After successful careers as a farmer and agricultural policy maker, then as director of SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe, part of the global orphan childcare body SOS Kinderdorf International, he retired to Bulgaria to write. His two meticulously researched books are both on the same subject, the many unsolved questions and mysteries surrounding the lost civilization that worked the ancient gold mines, the vast irrigated terrace complex and enigmatic stone-lined pits in the Nyanga Mountains and the largest intact ancient temple in the southern hemisphere – The Great Zimbabwe.
Interests Great Zimbabwe Africa's unsolved mystery, alternative history, the true origins of humankind, free thinking, understanding and exposing the Illuminati, Bilderbergers Blue-Blood corptocracies and a New World Order conspiracy so vast that it is difficult to comprehend, the effect of this on history philosophy & religions, golf, life in Bulgaria and healthy eating
Favorite Movies Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Eyes Wide Shut, Out of Africa, Titanic
Favorite Music Romantic soundtracks, Movie themes, Once upon a Time in America, The Mission, Mantovani, James Horner, Celine Dion, Enya, Bocelli, Adagio for strings by Barber
Favorite Books Wilbur Smith, Peter Godwin, Alexander McCall Smith, Zacharia Sitchin, Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, Rand Flem-Ath, Colin Wilson, Timothy Freak, Peter Gandy, Robert Bauval, James Michener, Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, Laurence Gardner

Evidence of ancient Semites in the Americas, Phoenicians Egyptians in Australasia & extensive mining in Southern Africa +50,000 yrs old has been suppressed & does not equate with what is conventionally taught. There were no Negroids in Southern Africa until about 900 A.D. Skeletal remains of + 7 foot tall people were found in ancient African mines, who were they, to where were the metals exported?