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Occupation Jewelry maker
Location Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Introduction Somehow while I wasn't looking I became a middle aged woman. I am a young middle aged woman though and I like it that way. I grew up in New Jersey but after several years as an adult there I just was too cold. So I moved to Florida. The thing I love most about Florida is the flowers and foliage. There is always something blooming.
Interests I have a new obsession and I call it Amigurumi. Actually they call it amigurumi. I call it carpal tunnel syndrome. And joy. I love making little critters from yarn now. I am having so much fun doing it. When I was a kid my Mom taught me to knit but I never got past making lines. I never even could finish anything. So now that I am an adult I asked her to teach me how to crochet and something clicked in me and I just love it! My first Amigurumi project was a rabbit head that was supposed to be about 4 inches tall and ended up being about 5 inches round. It was the blob. Scary looking thing that I finally pulled apart for the yarn. Then I discovered Youtube videos and it was all downhill from there. I hope I stay this enthusiastic for a long time with crochet. I really hope so.
Favorite Movies Right now I hope it is going to be Hangover 2
Favorite Books A new earth by Eckhart Toole, A return to love by Marianne Williamson

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