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Introduction The blogs I am operating are Rabbi Meir Kahane Writings and Baruch Marzel to Knesset. The purpose of Rabbi Meir Kahane Writings is to educate people in the "Authentic Jewish Idea" and the warnings of future dangers written and spoken by Rabbi Kahane h"yd. Dangers we are living with today. Michael Ben-Ari's blog shows Ben-Ari's continuation of Rabbi Meir Kahane's h"yd activities and ideology in and out of the Knesset. Baruch Marzel is presently running for the Knesset under the banner of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength). I and my husband have been working with Rabbi Meir Kahane since JDL days in N.Y. where my husband Chaim was on the Executive Board of JDL. I headed the Nassau Chapter until made aliyah in 1978. In Israel I was Head of the English Speakers of Rabbi Kahane's organization and also curator of the Museum of the Potential Holocaust started by the Rabbi. I went on speaking engagements in the U.S. and Canada. Organized Fund-Raising Dinners for Rabbi Kahane; worked in election campaigns for Rabbi Kahane ,Baruch Marzel and Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. We live in Ma'ale Adumim, Israel