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Occupation Writer for OTORI
Location United States
Introduction I am the writer half of a two person manga. We created the name Otori, in a way similar to that which CLAMP did. So look for our titles on the shelves in a couple years! We'll be a big hit!
Favorite Books well..... Manga: Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Her Majesty's Dog, +ANIMA, Bleach, Full Moon (and any other Arina Tanemura manga), Shugo Chara, etc...

The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

"MOM!!" "What?!" Her call came from the other room, sounding irate and bored. I ignored the obvious disinterest in her voice and said excitedly, "Guess what! MY TOES ARE STILL THERE!!" "Thats wonderful honey. Now go play in your room or something!"