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Occupation lab rat
Introduction Hello! I am a tremendous geek with a compulsive crafting addiction, and will hopefully be done with my MS in Materials Science and Engineering either three days or three months before I turn 30 (depending on when my adviser is in town). My currently active crafts involve knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, sewing and cooking, mostly enjoyed while playing D&D, Whitewolf or with the SCA. Things I have done in the last five years include beading, tablet weaving, inkle loom, bobbin and assorted lace, finger loop brading/weaving, viking wire weaving, chainmaille, corsetry, lotion making and glass blowing. Crafts I haven't done since college include welding, carpentry, knot work and woven bracelets and many varieties of cross stitching, pricking and embroidery. There have probably been many other money sinks to add to the list, which I can't currently remember.
Interests Whedonverse, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, SCA, Whitewolf, assorted vampires, Sookie Stackhouse, Anne Rice, Doctor Who, Torchwood, D&D
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Anne Rice: Vampire Chronicles, Terry Pratchett, Sookie Stackhouse, Dresden Files

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?