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Industry Consulting
Occupation Independent Neuro-Function Facilitator
Location Ontario, Canada

I'm a wife, best friend and caregiver to my amazing, funny, brilliant handsome and talented but physically limited husband of 11 years, who has the utmost patience in a person I've ever seen. He puts up with me and my ADHD ways and rarely complains. I'm mama of two amazing growing people with neurodiversities, who challenge me everyday, but also bring me joy every day, whom I try to be an unschooling facilitator for.

I have been studying Buddhism for the last 9 years, and am trying to live a life following the eightfold path as much as possible. I fail at it miserably.But I keep trying anyway.

I am the Co CEO of a Rural Household that uses minimal chemicals to clean, and saves money living frugally in every way we can. We operate our home on just over $2500 a month for a family of four, with no major debts. It's not easy, but we are doing it.

I enjoy crafting with recycled materials, photography & singing and crocheting