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Introduction Every conqueror since antiquity has known what our government knows: just take over how the children are raised, the rest will take care of itself. From the way we were taught to think in school, to the way we are conditioned to parent by the media—the parents of today are raising people who believe in and grow up to create bigger and bigger government. We live in the nightmare Ayn Rand wrote about in Atlas Shrugged. As an individualist, I want to stop this trend and, like the government, I believe the solution lies in our children and the way they are raised. What began as a game my husband and I played while I was working as a behavior modification specialist, “How would this problem be dealt with in Galt’s Gulch?” ended up being a ten-year research project into the subjects of parenting, philosophy, child psychology, relationship psychology, behaviorism, education, the history of child rearing, the history of family life and child rearing around the world.
Interests WAPF, RIE, Montessori, Unschooling, Rationality, Objectivism, Libertarianism, Voluntaryism, Minarchy, Individualism, Capitalism, Austrian Economics, Anarchy, Living Philosophically, Raising Children, Parenting, Motherhood, Health, Wisdom