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Gender Male
Industry Military
Occupation Retired
Location Portales, New Mexico, United States
Introduction I'm a retired guy who lived in a motor home for ten years before givin' that up for the Good Life in a semi-spacious apartment located in Portales, NM. The son of a career USAF officer, I was career USAF myself: 1963 - 1985. I spent 16 years in the Info Technology biz following my retirement from the USAF, with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and a small web services firm in SFO. My two adult sons are career military officers, one USAF and one USN. Divorced; there have been two Mrs. Penningtons and they are referred to by number (e.g., The First Mrs. Pennington [TFMP] and TSMP) at EIP. Single and content. Politically moderate, I'm conservative on fiscal, foreign policy, and national defense issues (surprise!) and liberal on social issues. I've voted Republican since 1980 but if the Libertarian party were viable I'd support them.
Interests Detroit Red Wings, music, cars, mo'sickles, photography, beer, small batch bourbons, single malts, cigars
Favorite Movies NOT a movie guy. But if you must, "A Man For All Seasons, " "Annie Hall, " "Strategic Air Command."
Favorite Music EVERYTHING except hip-hop and vocal opera music.
Favorite Books Richard Brautigan, Christopher Hitchens, Tom Robbins, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Clancy, and soup cans