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Occupation Barista?
Location Dallas, TX, United States
Introduction I like to try everything once. No, wait, I lied. I'm more of a creature of habit, so I try only things I'm sort of interested in once. Which is not really the same. I've still never eaten octopus, and I don't like ordering things on a menu that I can't guarantee I won't probably like at least a little bit. I love people, which is amazing since I'm bad at socializing, and awkward in making friends. I am a very impatient person though people keep telling me I'm very passive. Its a shock to me, since I figured I was hotheaded, unreasonable, and sort of a jerk. I must pretend awfully well.
Interests comics, drawing, art, music, rainbows, ghosts, snowhats, owls
Favorite Movies Coraline, Event Horizon, Nightmare Before Christmas, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Favorite Music Ludo, Muse, The Hoosiers, Pendulum, Rock Kills Kid, The Automatic, The Faint