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Industry Education
Occupation Doctoral Candidate, Humanities
Location Scotland, United Kingdom
Introduction A pause between breaths. Gaps in the pavement. The ripples in the atmosphere originating from clenched teeth and sighs. My life currently rests in the spaces betwixt: heartbeats, career paths, works of art, and the art of work. Let the taste of tea linger.
Interests Many and assorted: theories of the image, photography, travel, museums, geology, giant squid, daffodils, tall ships, Shakespeare, Scottish poetry, spinning wool, intellectual stimulation, old photographs, silent movies, tribal drumming, brutal honesty, viniculture, academic advancement, archeology, lexiconography, international diplomacy, whiskey, snowshoeing, introspection, anonymity
Favorite Books Too many books to bother about-- let's try some authors: Sontag, levy, Blanchot, Aristotle, Sartre, Faulkner, Dickins, Dickinson, Banjo Patterson, Robert Service, Dr. Seuss, Harold Bloom, Hugh Laurie, George McKay Brown, Dornford Yates, Amy Stewart, Edward Abbey, and my obvious favorite-- Herman Melville

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

I'm against violence towards fruit-- unless it's in the name of sangria, naturally.