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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist, Instructor
Location IN
Introduction I am a non-stop imaginer led by creative whims and multi-directions. I teach art part time at a community college, which keeps me deeply inspired and interested in new creative paths. I work in mixed media, dreams, madness, and I'm working on a new art/ travel project in 2019.
Interests art, teaching, exploring, music, mystery, weird and unusual curiosities
Favorite Movies Nightbreed, Beetlejuice, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Legend, Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story, The Last Unicorn, Mirror Mask, fantasy movies, Repo the Genetic Opera, The Devil's Carnival, Papillon (70's), creepy psychological fantasy movies, light-hearted arty films
Favorite Music Things that cross genre, circus music, operatic metal, gypsy punk, neo-pagan, oldies, industrial, 20's, 30's, baroque, classical, folk metal, classic rock, big band, gothic, epic metal, polka, the dark theatre, deine lakaien, ego likeness, fiction 8, Austra, The Knife, Of the Wand and the Moon, Dead Can Dance, Ed Alleyne-Johnson, Fever Ray, Doubting Thomas, Illusion's Fate, Apocalypse Theatre, The Crüxshadows, Apocalyptica, Ayreon, Metallica, Bonnie Tyler, Meatloaf, Little Richard, M83, Michael Jackson, The Nylons, Moody Blues, Sisters of Mercy, Samael, Squid Lid, Tanzwut, Tenacious D, Yaz, yelworC
Favorite Books Urban Fantasy, historical fiction, not-typical horror, art history, mythology, Clive Barker, Charles DeLint, Neil Gaiman