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Introduction I am a woman of ancient ways. I am a history enthusiast, an artist of many sorts. I enjoy the finer things in life, along with the very simple. Nature alone will always hold a place in my heart that is irreplaceable. I love the days of old and will eternally celebrate their architecture, lifestyles, and culture. That which is incongruous, grotesque, ethereal, spiritual interests me very much. I have a love for things which are aberrant and unorthodox. Life is insipid without the company of those who can be considered intellects. My world is transcendent, obscure, intricate, and enigmatic. I am in ways quite a misanthropist but I too, care for some people very deeply. Hurt them and you shall find yourself in an unfortunate situation, i would gladly inflict misery upon any soul who harms those who i love. I am extremely concerned with and interested in animal rights, and very much against the wearing of animal fur.