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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation domestic engineer
Location Garland, TX, United States

I'm a non-traditional disabled stay at home mom of two that adapts to her surroundings. I depise laundry, dirty bathrooms and clutter but, I love family days, listening to music a little coffee in my cream and watching movies.

Ethan: [9 years old] Eats like a teenager! Loves the outdoors, watching documentaries and weird stuff on you tube, creating with Legos, and playing video games with friends or alone!

Autumn: [5 years old] loves dancing and singing in the car, future gymnast!
Interests Abstract art, Aquatic Life, Comedy, Botanical Gardens, Cooking, Dallas Fountain Place, Disney Movies, Downtown Parks, E-Friends, Ethan, Family, Fireworks, Fort Worth Water Gardens, Friends, God, Hockey, Horoscopes, Internet, Lee, Light Shows, Meeting People, Modern art, Movies, Music, Photography, Pixar Movies, Pop art, Restaurant Hopping, Spending Money, Swimming, Thrifting, Traveling, Zen gardens, Zoo
Favorite Movies Pretty Woman = Dirty Dancing
Favorite Music Country although my Spotify account is diverse!
Favorite Books Twilight Saga, The Lovely Bones, Need, House of Night Series, One Day

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

probably my nuero's phone number. I don't have it memorized yet and it's an important one!