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Gender Female
Occupation philosopher
Location California, United States
Introduction One photo a day for a year to track my obsessions and inspirations and ect. Please let me know if I have used your photograph and want it removed.
Interests adventures, ancient egypt, antiques, archeology, arrested development, art, avant-garde, aviation, ballet, bare feet, batman, biking to the library, birdcages, blogs, bob dylan, burlesque, buster keaton, cassie ainsworth, caltrain, cinema, cloudy days, collages, comics, concerts, da-da, dancing, dangling your legs over the edge, diana vreeland, dinosaurs, dreams, ebay, epistemology, existentialism, fairy lights, fashion photography, fiction, fire escapes, flowers, french songs, george orwell, graphic novels, hats, hiking, honeycrisp apples, hydrangeas, improvisation, jewellery boxes, knitting scarves, la cinémathèque française, laughs, lemon slice, lingerie, logic, magazines, mars, meta-philosophy, megan fox, metaphysics, michael cera, models, morse code, museums, musicals, my room, new york city, 1968, 90s cartoons, 90s computer games, nostalgia, nutrition, overcast, painting, pale skin, paris, parks, peonys, perfumes, philosophy, photography, photoshop, piano, plays, poetry, pointe shoes, polaroids, quantum physics, quotations, rainy days, raw foodism, records, relativity, rene magritte, ribbons, san francisco, seth cohen, sewing, sfmoma, sherlock holmes, silent films, singing, smoothies, sofia coppola, space, the beach, the library, the sky, the smell of old books, tattoos, thrift stores, ukuleles, umbrellas, vespas, wandering, watercolor, whispers.
Favorite Movies uhhhhh a billion....
Favorite Music beirut, the rolling stones
Favorite Books The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, L'Étranger, 1984 a billion more