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Occupation Medical Student
Location Anywhere, America or Overseas
Introduction I am a medical student. Sometimes I wear a white coat and other times I wear jeans and a sweater. I always wear shoes, unless I am doing work abroad, where people don't always wear shoes. I either wear a shirt and tie or a blouse. I own a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope, and a really good 'tude. I also have a rubber hammer which I smack on people's tendons. I have hair, eyes, and four appendages. Sometimes I sleep during the day and other times I stay awake all day. Sometimes I eat at the hospital cafeteria. The food there is gross. I have a nice physique. I like to help others, but, I also like to help myself. I am not religious, but I have a religion. I have no pets, but want a pet. Sometimes people laugh at me because I am sometimes funny. Sometimes people laugh at me because I am me. Is that right or wrong? I think that is alright. I write on my hands to remember things even though I have a Palm Pilot. What does that mean? I have a great internal alarm clock. Tick Tock. I have an open mind, but, it is closed to you people, except through this blog. I am who I am, I am me, I am the writer of this blog.
Interests I like to learn, I like to see things, I like to do things, and I LOVE to think things.
Favorite Movies Bollywood, Hollywoood, Independent Films, and Home Movies.
Favorite Music Music of the world, which includes, everything.
Favorite Books Textbooks. I don't read besides that. I am for serious.

Does Bob Saget like to eat Raisin Bran?