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Gender MALE
Location U.S.
Introduction An adult male who grew up LDS and secretly attracted to men and therefore all kinds of conflicted and still doesn't have all the answers but tries not to let that stop him from living with integrity, purpose, love, and enjoyment. I'm 'out', but I keep my blog anonymous for various reasons. I also have an inny.

Blog title origin: My first essay on SGA.

Side note--"mohomie" derives from "moho," a term coined in 2006 by my friend and me to signify an active, committed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who happens to experience an unusually strong affinity and/or attraction towards members of his or her same sex and/or gender. The term has since been popularized (co-opted?) as any gay person of LDS background, which is not the original intent but which became so widely used that the term became, in my opinion, mostly superfluous and unnecessary except for fun.
Interests Good movies, Music, Other arts, Good food, Getting into people's heads, Travel, Hiking, Nature and animals, Fitness, Learning for learning's sake, Good genuine people, "Pokemon" girls, Tacky make-up, Pink feather boas, Abercrombie and Fitch models, Clubbing, Promiscuity, Anything glittery. Wait, scratch everything from Tacky make-up on. Can I still be in the club? OK OK I do think AnF models are hot. What can I say? *shrug*