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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Location Atlanta, GA, United States
Introduction This album represents my interpretation of why I got into music in the first place. Long ago I was just happy sitting back listening to all the great music people have come out with over the years but there was one defining factor that made me want to convert from being a mere listener to a creator. I call it B.O.B. Its that thing you do when the music doesn't give you enough time to react to it. It is what separates happens dance music from break beats. When the music grabs a hold of your brain and forces you to listen. Before you know it your bobbin to the beat. This is the music you bang when your going to work in the morning or on the train with no room to dance. All it takes is a B.O.B.
Interests Screenwriting, illustration and Animation.
Favorite Movies Ghost in the Shell Spirited Away Pulp Fiction Ocean's Films Contact Cowboy Beebop Ninja Scroll The Incredibles Traffic Hellraiser: Series and mostly anything horror or fantasy based.
Favorite Music Hip Hop R&B But also starting to like Jazz.
Favorite Books Dan Brown's Davinci Code The 48 Laws of Power The Cell by Stephen King Astronomy Physics and Astro-physics Science Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense Mostly anything historic or philosophical in nature.