About me

Location CT, United States
Introduction I'm the little sister, 34 with three boys. Jamis is 10. Maximus is 5. Ethan is 4. I long for a daughter but have a hard time getting through a day with three, let alone four. As my Grandmother says "You know it would be another boy, dear," so...Yeah, three's good for now. Life is crazy and delicious all at once. It's wonderful and it's infuriating and most of the time I just feel confused about what I'm supposed to be doing in any given moment. I work part-time, mother full-time, and clean sometimes, often feeling like a failure at all three. I love my sister with every ounce of my soul, and look forward to this long life together, writing it down as we go.
Interests Getting through each day, getting my body back, finding time to think, talking to my sister, books, movies, music, making my house a home
Favorite Movies The Natural, Dan in Real Life, Good Will Hunting, The Dead Poet's Society, The Bourne Series, Tell No One, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing
Favorite Books too many. too too many. too foggy of a brain to identify right now.