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Introduction Well I'm asian. 25 years old. I'm obsessed with movies and music. I absolutely love my family. I cuddle every night with my baby blanket Banky. I have the greatest friends ever. Love Costco. I have OCD. Strongly dislike weirdos. Hate when people touch my stuff. Love the winter, hate the summer. I tend to sometimes talk to myself. Love sleeping. My power naps usually last roughly around 2 hours versus a normal persons 15 minute power nap. I am deathly afraid of two things: Spiders and Thunder. Love running. I can get car sick in a matter of seconds. TV is healthy for you. Love the color black. Love Sports. I have a bad habit of chewing on my fingers and on the inside of my left cheek. I hate listening to people blow their noses. I love my chubby puppy Harley aka Peejums. When I get nervous, I sort of slip into a sarcastic coma, start talking extremely fast, make jokes that I can't control. Basically I have diarrhea of the mouth. And usually I can't remember what I say. My biggest pet peeve is when I am using a public restroom, and someone comes in and uses the stall right next to me when there are like 7 other stalls. Oh and me and my besties are addicted to using northern accents.