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Gender Female
Occupation Self
Introduction Well, here I am. I could be tall, thin and fabulous or short, overweight and average... but that's the whole point... why does it matter who I am? I am sure if they really wanted to someone could figure it out but I don't think they will want to... there is something so overwhelmingly refreshing about not knowing... I am here to share my thoughts on life, having children, being married and getting though all of it and still being you. So sit back, read, relax, and realize that you are not alone - that yes sometimes you get a little lost and wonder: "What the hell am I doing?" and that's ok to... You are human, it happens. Write with you soon!
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You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

A goat and a slinky??? Oooohhhh well let's see. I would use the wire from the slinky - to gently cut off on of the goats horns - then hollow the horn out and with my new horn amplified voice I would hollar: "Lassie where the hell are you??? Someone's in the freaking well again!"