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Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Introduction I am a software engineer in Bangalore, India. I have been studying Islam for the past 8 years, and have thoroughly read the Kuran, 5 of the canonical Hadiths, the Sirah, and various other books of Islamic jurisprudence such as Umdat al Salik etc. After the Mumbai Jihadi attacks, I decided to make this blog to share ideas about the unique threat we Hindus face from radical Islam and its core ideology of Jihad upon Kafirs.

I want to also use this blog to build bridges with the West, which faces the same assault we Hindus do. Hindu and Western civilization cherish the same ideal of freedom, a fact that contributes to the success of Hindus in Western countries. We must stand together to protect this ideal, else we will surely perish together.

This blog is dedicated to Sambhaji - the oldest son of Shivaji - who was given the title of "Dharmaveer" for refusing to convert to Islam after being scientifically tortured for over 20 days by Aurangzeb during the 27 year Mughal-Maratha war.

He died a Hindu, in 1689.

By 1760, the Hindu Marathas had reconquered most of India for Hindu Dharma.