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Location Summerdale, Alabama, United States
Introduction My mother had said more than once that "I was born with a paint brush in one hand and a pencil in the other". (Not sure she ever forgave me for that LOL) I began drawing as soon as I could stand and reach the wall with my crayons, those that I didn't eat first. After learning what NO meant and what a 'SWITCH' was (that was way back when you could spank a disobedient child) I began using paper. To this day paper and pencil are my favorite mediums. Pencil sketches can capture the moment or scene with just a few strokes or a thousand neatly laid out lines. Along the way I discovered oil paints and canvas. There was no doubt in my heart or spirit that I would be an artist someday ..... I'm still working towards that goal sixty-three years later. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, my father wanted me to be an engineer, my brother just wanted me to be gone. My grandfather wanted me to be a preacher, my grandmother, a full blood Cherokee, wanted me to follow my spirit. To this day ..... I walk after my spirit and follow the Old Ways........ Kicking Bear