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Industry Education
Occupation Postdoctoral Fellow, Hitotsubashi University
Location Tokyo, Japan
Introduction I originally started this blog in 2005 as a joint blog with Matt (Gusts of Popular Feelings), who at the time was interested in North Korea, while I was interested in South Korean movements and wanted a place to put up news and analysis. Hence the name "two Koreas." Since 2006, the blog has been mainly me. I find that the title "two Koreas" doesn't really work anymore, but don't want to change it as that mess up links to old posts. So, instead of signifying cold war division, I think of the title as signifying that there are many dimensions to Korean society and social movements, a multiplicity if you will. So there are 1,2, 3, many Koreas. These days, I'm too busy to post on current issues all the time, so I tend to put up my own academic work, and notes on occasional issues. Still, I hope that readers will still find useful material here, whether from the links, newswire, or posts.
Interests Geographical Political Economy; Social and Political Theory; Korean Studies; Political Economy of Democratization and Development; Urban Studies
Favorite Movies Peppermint Candy, The President's Last Bang, Oasis, A Single Spark, Milky Way Liberation Front, Bandhobi, MWFF